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Kamalia Khaddar Price Still Lowest in the Market

In Pakistan now a days Kamalia khaddar price increasing day by day. Due to yarn price and stock exchange ups and downs. Economy of whole Pakistan is damaged by this economic crises. Everybody knows economic crises is world wide issue. Whole world suffering from this bad time after corona pandemic. Even with this inflation kamalia khaddar fabric is getting more demands from all over Pakistan also in summer season now.

In Pakistan kamalia khaddar price are disturbing also due to political instability also. Which is main factor for disturbing business and economic condition for any country. Manufacturers still facing problems in purchasing yarns for winter season starting from Sep 2022. National level brands of mens clothing increased prices upto 100% already.

Kamalia Khaddar Prices Lowest but why ?

Kamalia is small city of District Toba Tek Singh. Most of residents from kamalia is doing this business from decades. Cost of manufacturing is and labor cost is still lower side due to traditional manufacturing at khaddi by old peoples. They don’t have big factories and thousands of labor so they don’t have lot of expanses also. Which is helpful for direct consumer who are buying khaddar Direct from Kamalia.

Leading Mens Clothing Brands Selling Khaddar at High Prices

In Pakistan Many mens clothing brands manufacturing khaddar and selling at their franchises. Their prices also very high due to their marketing budget. No doubt after expansive manufacturing they will sale at high prices as compared from khaddar from kamalia. Leading brands selling khaddar are ” khaadi, Junaid Jamshed, Sapphire, Nishat, Gul Ahmad, and lot more also selling this but more expansive. That’s why more peoples are still ordering kamalia khaddar online from all over Pakistan with cash on delivery services.

Manufacturing of khaddar in kamalia still costing low and easy to buy for khaddar lover from all over Pakistan. Most of khaddar manufacturer having their own websites and social media pages for market their products to all over the world. Pakistani living abroad ordering also from kamalia because they trust only kamalia khaddar.

Types of Khaddar Manufacturing in Kamalia

Many different types of khaddar manufacturing in kamalia. More people still like traditional khaddar which is continuously manufacturing from decades in kamalia. Some famous types of khaddar are as follows.

  1. Hand Made Khaddar
  2. Khaddi Khaddar
  3. Safini Khaddar
  4. Designer Khaddar
  5. Slub Khaddar
  6. Organza Khaddar
  7. Swiss Khaddar
  8. Karandi Khaddar
  9. Single Goli Khaddar
  10. Double Goli Khaddar

These all types of khaddar manufacturing in kamalia by Dress dot selling all over Pakistan with free home delivery service and cash on delivery with in 2-3 working days.

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